Company Creator and CEO Safiya Bouhouch was inspired to name the brand Beldi (pronounced bel-dee) meaning"traditional" or "authentic" in Moroccan Arabic, as well as to make the brand's name a representation of a long lasting tradition of Moroccan art that is displayed within each Beldi design.  Safiya and the Beldi team prides themselves in curating ethical, socially conscious items that help support  local artisans across the world while also giving back to causes and organizations that support children's access to resources, education, and art initiatives globally.


More than millennial interview

 “I was visiting family in Morocco last summer and I was scouting for a leather bag that I could take home with me to keep some of my memories from the rich history and culture in Morocco. I learned about the artisans there who handcraft bags by hand-stitching and dying them from natural leather, and I was mesmerized by their work and how it was part of a long-lasting tradition. Most of the artisans were selling their goods at small local markets to tourists, and I wanted to be able to support them by bringing their products to a larger audience.”


Holl & Lane - Beldi Feature

But that isn't all that makes Beldi Collective special.  Started by Safiya Bouhouch, Beldi is on a mission to support the arts and to provide educational resources and access to underserved communities.  "I hope to provide resources to women and children who don’t have access to the same privileges we do, through partnerships with non-profits and organizations," Safiya says.  Currently Beldi is partnering with the Tiyya Foundation who provides community support to refugees, immigrants, and displaced American families.