I believe that community creates change. It inspires cohesion and breaks down borders. When everyone is working together toward a common cause, the changes we create are sustainable. I’ve seen the power of connection and community in my own life, and that’s led me to my path. I founded Beldi, a conscious brand that supports artists and community. I tell stories that center on identity, belonging, and connection, and I teach yoga in a way that celebrates individuality, encouraging students find stillness and a sense of community within.




I founded Beldi Collective in order to build community, support artists, and contribute to causes I care about. It started with a trip to Morocco visiting family, where I fell in love with the traditional art of hand making leather goods. Building Beldi was not only about me connecting to my Moroccan heritage, it was also about bringing  the artists' work to a larger platform. I believe that sharing our artistic gifts with each other brings us together, and that there are so many stories to share behind each piece of art. Building Beldi has also connected me to other socially conscious consumers across the globe that are passionate about supporting ethical and environmentally friendly brands. Our newest non-profit partner, kurandza, is sending girls in Mozambique to school and providing holistic care. Knowing that Beldi is supporting girls' education across the world is what motivates me to keep on growing beldi, so we can grow our impact. Read more on my story about beldi here.



I found yoga when I felt cut off from my purpose. Lost in the stress of everyday life and long work hours, I found that going to yoga created a sense of inner calmness that I had never felt before. I followed the pull that kept on bringing me back to yoga classes, and I slowly started to feel less lost and more grounded in myself. Wanting to share the beauty of yoga with others, I became a certified RYT yoga instructor in January 2018 through Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. I'm passionate about making yoga more accessible - I want to support people of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in their yoga practice. Practicing breath work and yoga postures taught me to be still and cut out the noise so I could find the answers within, and I as a teacher I hope to bring this experience to my students too. 



I’m passionate about telling stories that center on identity and belonging because when people of all different backgrounds connect around a story, we create compassion rather than more fear or judgment. Growing up, writing was my way of making sense of the many worlds I lived in. I've always found that the easiest way to express myself is through writing, and that there is something powerful about someone else reading your words and saying "me too." I believe that the more diverse stories are out there, the more we can learn about each other and have empathy and understanding from those who appear to be different from us. In a world filled with prejudice and fear, I think taking the time to hear each others' stories creates space for compassion, which leads to real change in the world. The books, TV shows, and magazines we consume all shape our perception of the world around us. I want to be a part of a generation that is looking to use the power of our words to create positive change.